Super Bowl XLIX and (What Else?) Taxes

Super-Bowl-XLIX-PrimaryIt’s my understanding that, if I wanted to capitalize on this weekend’s Super Bowl game and optimize my search engines, I’d do a post about what time the game starts. That, though, doesn’t strike me as an interesting question. (Also, there’s no reason to ask me, when Google will tell you without your having to click a link.)

But the game does raise a couple interesting non-start-time questions, and I thought I’d address two of them here.  Continue reading

Taxes, Slots, and the Foreign Businessperson

ImageYesterday, the Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit made life a little easier for foreigners who come to the U.S., gamble, and lose. It held in Park v. Commissioner that a nonresident alien (that is, non-citizens who do not live in the U.S.) can deduct gambling losses against gambling gains from the same gambling session in determining her U.S. tax. This conclusion is certainly fair and administrable. But it is also wrong.  Continue reading