So Long, Farewell …

going out of business

I apparently started this blog almost exactly three years ago, talking about Rand Paul and the Marketplace Fairness Act (which has still not passed). Since then, I’ve posted another 39 posts (40, if you count this one).

It turns out, it’s really hard to maintain a solo tax blog. Or, at least, it was hard for me. Which is why, earlier this week, a number of tax academics launched The Surly Subgroup, a group tax blog.

In light of that, I’ll be shifting my tax blogging over there; I expect to post at least as frequently there as I did here (and maybe even more frequently!), but there, we’ll have more high-quality content to enjoy. That’s not to say this blog is done—I may do things here in the future for all I know, but in the meantime, please read my surly self-introduction there!

And thanks for reading!

One thought on “So Long, Farewell …

  1. Your comment on wheat and Tares about shaken baby syndrome is one of the most ignorant and inane things I’ve ever read. Read the report linked in the post. It was homicide. Maybe there’s truth to what you posted generally. But the notion that you’d post in relation to this case is beyond sickening. It makes you look like a moron, and I don’t think you want to be associated with that kind of ignorance. Not sure what you’re playing at to put that on that post

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